Young and Popular actress caught in a 'blue film' scandal?


Recently, a self-proclaimed hotel management graduate-turned-Swamiji was arrested by the cops for his very questionable special pujas that he had performed in his ‘ashram’ in Kerala.

He was arrested after some of his female devotees complained that he had drugged them and made “blue films” with them. During the Police investigation they came to know that his devotees include some of the film and television actresses too.

Kavya Madhavan’s name popped up during the investigation process if the gossips are to be believed. Kavya Madhavan is a young actress from Malayalam film industry who is also gaining popularity in Kollywood circles of late. When reporters and investigators began to probe further in the story, they were told that Kavya Madhavan too had tried one of these pujas to strengthen her hold on the Malayalam film industry. Media and the press in Tamilnadu are full of these tales. The name of a senior actress also is in question as per the rumors. Technorati Tags: , , , , ,

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