Kavya Madhavan’s divorce case final hearing!

Malayalam actress Kavya Madhavan became famous in the Tamil film industry for her praiseworthy performance in films like ‘Kasi’ and ‘En Mana Vaanil’.  The actress entered wedlock with Kuwait-based industrialist Nishal Chandra in 2009. After few months of marriage, the couple had some difference of opinion due to which she came back home to Kerala and applied for divorce. The actress mentioned that her in-laws tortured her and she does not want to live together with them.


The Court Session of this case has reached the final stage now and after hearing the statements from both ends – Nishcal and Kavya – the judgment has been postponed to May 28.

Speaking to the media channels, Kavya Madhavan has said that she will focus more on films and has no idea of getting married for now.

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