Endhiran- Fire fighting scenes


Shankar directed sci-fi action entertainer Endhiran’s climax portions are being shot in various locations in and around Chennai for the last one month.

The crew headed by Rajinikanth is now shooting a crucial fire scene for the film on a huge set put up at Prasad Studios. The huge set, a scientist’s laboratory going up in flames is the scene being shot, and may appear less than four minutes in the film.

Hollywood visual effects companies which have been roped in are closely monitoring the fire scene, so they can insert the graphics in the right frame when the film comes on the editing table. This is being done for the first time in Indian cinema, a practice started by George Lucas in Hollywood many years back.

Rajinikanth is hardly required for the shot but he sits through patiently the whole day, and watches the proceedings. Shankar the complete professional in a recent interview has said that how important graphics and special effects are in the film.

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