Happy birthday Suriya!

Surya who celebrates his birthday today is more than happy about how life has taken him so far both professionally and personally.

Surya who is gearing for the release of his 7aam Arivu movie where he has once again team up with AR Murugadoss, will be busy shooting with KV Anand for Matraan on his birthday which is today.

We hear that though he does not have any big plans for his big day, he says he would finish his shoot today and go home spend time with his family in the evening. The actor who was busy with his brother Karthi's Wedding all these days his now back with his professional work and is shooting in Chennai for Matraan.

About his birthday plans he reveals, “The shoot of K V Anand’s Maatran has kicked off in Chennai. So, I’ll be spending major portion of my day on the sets of the film. In the evening though, I will take off to spend some time with my family.”

Surya says he has some big plans chalked out for the year. He adds, “I can’t talk much about it now, but I might venture into something before my next birthday that I think I’ll be proud of. In fact, I’m working out on the feasibility of the projects currently and will make it official as soon as that’s done.”

Surya plays exciting roles in his upcoming movies. In 7aam Arivu is plays a circus artist, a Buddhist monk and for Maatraan we heard that he will be playing dual role and we get to see a younger fitter Surya than Vaaranam Aayiram.

About how his 7aam Arivu has shaped and how lucky and fortunate for him to play these different roles for his movies, excitedly Surya adds, “It’s a big leap for the team that worked on Ghajini. In the film, we’ve broken some stereotypes that we associate Tamil cinema with and have tried out a new grammar in filmmaking. I’m lucky to have got two very interesting films backto-back.”

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