Ranjitha dances for Nityananda!

News come from Bangalore that even before the memory of the meeting Nityananda and Ranjitha had with media persons in Chennai, Ranjitha danced for Nityananda. ranjitha-nithyananda-7

Nityananda has his ashram in Bidar near Bangalore. Every year, celebrations used to happen there on the auspicious day of Gurupurnima. This year too celebrations on Gurupurnima day began with several events at 7.30 in the morning that lasted through the night. Nityananda participated in all the events. He was seated on his throne and blessed the devotees. His followers made him up to look like the deity in the temples.

Some devotees garlanded him with giant size garlands and received his blessings. Ranjitha also participated in the events. After doing puja to Nityananda she bowed before him when he touched her head and blessed her. He also blessed the women of the ashram who did puja to him.

Later Nityananda taught Kundalini yoga exercise to the devotees. Ranjitha got up suddenly and started to dance and several women joined her. Many women rolled on the floor. Seated on his throne Nityananda was enjoying the whole show. He was visibly thrilled at some dancing women. Talking about Kundalini exercise, he said that the every person has the kundalini power and the exercise is to make it active.

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