Shankar’s '3 Rascals' to kickoff on December 6

According to the earlier reports, Shankar was about to start the Telugu remake of 3 idiots first. The latest buzz suggests that, Shankar will be apparently working on Tamil and Telugu remakes of '3 Idiots'. The bitter part is that only Vijay and Mahesh Babu have been confirmed for playing Aamir Khan's part in Tamil and Telugu versions respectively.


The movie will be simultaneously shot in both Tamil and Telugu, as a bilingual, starring Mahesh Babu in Telugu and Vijay in Tamil. Vijay’s and Mahesh Babu’s portions only will be shot along with Ileana’s who plays Kareena Kapoor’s role of the Hindi version. This is because the other two actors are not finalized till now.

As many of the stars who were proposed with the offer have turned their hands down, Jeeva is likely to be signed for the movie. Sathyaraj will be apt for Professor Cherian’s role as in the book ‘Five Point Someone’.

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