Dhanush misses Yatra’s first day at school!

What is Dhanush doing these days? He is shooting in the dust and heat of Madurai for Vetrimaran’s Aadukalam. When asked about the recent controversy about Trisha being replaced in the film, the actor refused to comment . Dhanush, the doting father that he is, was very upset that he couldn’t be with his dear son Yatra on his first day at school. Remember that the Ash-Dhanush couple always avoids media glare and photographers, when it comes to their son. Says Dhanush: “I can’t believe that my son has started going to school. I always wonder why kids are send to school from such a young age. It was not too long ago that I remember my first day at school. However now my son has started enjoying the experience and has made a few friends in his kindergarten school”. The buzz from the unit says that Dhanush was tense as he was seen giving instructions over the phone, remote controlling everything from Madurai, on Yatra’s first day at school. Adds Dhanush: “I really missed being with him on that day. These are the small but very precious moments that one misses being an actor”.

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