Rajnikanth, now a lesson in CBSE


A lesson about Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth has been included in CBSE books. This year, Rajinikanth received NDTV’s Best Entertainer award from Prime Minister Manmohan Singh; a few months later, his biography, My name is Rajinikanth, was released.

But this time, Rajinikanth has made it to sixth standard CBSE English text books. A lesson about Rajinikanth’s career path from bus conductor to film superstar is placed under the section ’Dignity of Work’. It is a life history of Rajinikanth as narrated by his close friend Bahadur, who has been instrumental in his transformation from a bus conductor to the superstar that we know today. This is the first time such recognition is given to an Indian actor. The magnitude of Rajinikanth’s career becomes obvious from all this. It is quite a remarkable achievement for an actor to secure a place in school text books, which are instrumental in moulding young minds.
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