Sultan-The Warrier- with Vietnam Fighters

Sultan-The Warrier Rajnikanth

Soundarya Rajinikanth, the golden daughter of the Rajnikanth, is making ’Sultan - The warrior’ as one of the mega budget projects of the country with exclusive making efforts. The shooting of this Rajinikanth starring animated film is in fast phase now and some important portions of the film to be shot in some exclusive locations of East Asian countries to give more authentic and realistic look to the film.

Soundarya is using Vietnamese stuntmen, to give more perfection in stunt scenes, with the help of action director of the film Peter Hein. These scenes will be shot in Vietnam and the crew would leave to the country very soon.

According to Soundarya, the native fighters, who are participating in the action scenes, will be available only in Vietnam and the particular action scene is very important to the film.
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