Aishwarya rai with Prithvi raj?

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It is well known that director Mani Rathnam is making a Hindi movie with the famous couple Abhishek-Aishwarya Bachchan. Aishwarya will also be seen in the Tamil version. After a long wait, Mani Rathnam has decided to cast actor Prithviraj opposite Aishwarya. He thought that Prithviraj, the most happening actor these days, has the perfect maturity and acting skills that will fit the bill.

This will be a big boost to Prithviraj’s career, which is on the upswing ever since he made his debut in Kanaa Kandein (also spelt as Kanaa Kanden). The actor has the maturity and ability to take things in his stride, establishing himself as one of the frontline actors in Tamil films. He was romantic in Parijatham. He was spontaneous and mature in Sattham Podathey. We got to see his jauntiness and sense of humour in Kannamoochi Yenadaa. The most important thing is that his acting has been an integral part of the success of these movies. Can you now think of someone else in his place in these movies? He has proved his ability to act as a pivot around whom the movies have been made.

And this growth has not been easy. Establishing oneself in a different language film industry, no matter how similar the conditions are, is no easy thing. We saw great actors like Jayaram and Mammootty, who extended their stardom from Mollywood to Kollywood. They gained immense recognition, but they decided to be sporadic in their ventures, giving more time to Mollywood. Now we have Prithviraj who is already being considered an integral part of Kollywood.

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