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Priyamani has been successful in shedding her Paruthiveeran image with Malaikottai and Thotta, both having done reasonably well at the box-office. She has also decided to pump up her PR machinery by being extra nice to media. She seems to be on a roll after her role as Muthazhagu won her accolades even at prestigious festivals abroad. The charming actress at the 125 day celebration of Malaikottai, for a quick chat…

Priya, you have gone glam post -Paruthiveeran?
It’s not right to compare that film with the others because Paruthiveeran is a once in a lifetime role for me. But I definitely wanted to shed the village girl image as in our industry; you always seem to be typecast. Luckily for me Malaikottai happened and I utilized it. I am happy to be exploring different types of characters in films.

Who are you supporting in the current IPL matches? Any favourites?
I support all the teams and I think it’s really great that we can watch so many international players playing with emerging Indian youth. I think the dark horses are the Rajasthan Royals led by the shrewd Shane Warne. As for favourites I like Adam Gilchrist and Dhoni.

What are your next projects?
I am doing a Malayalam film with Prithviraj as hero directed by Ranjith. I am also doing a Telugu film and then do the remake of Malayalm film Classmates.

What kind of movies do you want to do? How about women-centric films?
I want to be versatile. In India it’s not really possible to have many heroine oriented movies. I feel that this should change and I hope it happens soon.

Vishal has said that he is not in love with you. Please comment
I am not in love with anyone. I also consider myself fortunate not to have fallen in love as yet. I am single and I love being like that. It is fun and I am enjoying life.

What about rumours linking you with a Telugu actor?
If you are referring to Raja, we are just good friends. When I go to Hyderabad we catch up with each other and meet up for dinner when we have the time. There’s nothing more to it. Right now, I am in love with my work (smiles).

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