Vishal’s Loving Girl????

reema sen

The tall, dark action hero Vishal has kept himself in the news with his flings. He has been providing fodder to entertainment pages, as Chennai is witnessing the biggest ever paper war over circulation in the last few weeks.

Vishal one of the smartest cookies in town wanted to cash in on it, by suddenly celebrating the 125 days function of his Malaikottai. After the morning function, Vishal held a private bash at Pasha in The Park hotel. And the surprise guest at the party was none other than his Chellamay and Thimiru lucky mascot Reema Sen who was also in the city for an award function.

Vishal and Reema bonded big time during the making of Thimiru but later reported to have fallen out, post release of the film after the media reports about their “affair”. In fact Reema the prim and proper girl with a clean image denied it and brushed it aside as mere rumours spread by vested interests.

Kollywood grapevine has it that Reema was keeping a studious silence and avoided Vishal with a vengeance. And Reema was conspicuous by her absence at the grand wedding of Vishal’s brother Vikky, her good friend.

At the Malaikottai function, Vishal told the media that his lady love (an actress) is definitely not Priyamani or Nayanthara as they have been writing. The media went on a wild goose chase trying to figure out the third angle to the “mystery girl, an actress” in Vishal’s life. Showbiz corridors are working overtime trying to figure out who would be the girl that Vishal is deeply in love?

A little bird has informed us that Vishal was desperately trying to make peace with Reema at the party and later at the coffee shop. Perhaps catching up with the old times??

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